How does it work?

Detect your mistype and help you correct it

How does it work
We offer to help you correct the mistype
Once a mistype is detected, we offer you a quick link in the autocomplete area of your address bar to correct it.
How does it work
We detect mistypes when user types
Once your type a search query in the address bar, we help you check if there is a mistype.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mistypes in your search queries will slow you down. Our extension detects your type and helps you correct it before you go ahead with the search.

If it's not a mistype, but a more fashionable new word, you can just ignore the autocomplete suggestions and go ahead with your search.

Yes, it is a free Chrome extension in Google's Chrome Web Store.

The default search engine we offer to our users is one of the top search engines in the world and we are getting affiliation when users use this search engine.

I'm sorry to hear that this extension doesn't provide what you wanted. You can go check the detailed instructions on the Uninstall page.

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